Drawing Dialogue in Seoul: Four landscapes, 2019

Pencil on the ink and wash painting found in the Seoul flea market, Traditional mulberry paper, Fabric, Mirror stainless steel and Ribbon
each 150 x 33 cm

In 2018, during my residency in Seoul, I bought four pieces of unframed ink and wash paintings in the flea market. The content of these paintings seem like that an anonymous painter has repeated the same scenery. After they were mounted into separate larger sheets of traditional mulberry paper, I started to use pencil to draw on them. The pencil drawings were delicately blended with the shades of the existing ink, so that the rhythm of geometric lines added in pencil and the choppy flow of black ink scattered up and down could create an interesting landscape, both abstract and figurative, freehand and realistic.

Moreover, I was accidentally aware that the fabrics used for mounting painting and calligraphy are actually derived from clothing cultures of the times after having long been collaborating with Lin Huan-Shen Conservation Company. Therefore, I use the modern and fashionable geometric pattern fabrics that I bought from the Dongdaemun Fabric Market for the mounting of this work, and also with the mirror stainless to replace the wood scroll decoration. With these contemporary materials, traditional scroll mounting can be integrated into a new dialogue of this work.

- Original found artwork