Youth, 2022

Acrylic Paint on French watercolor paper 
180 x 157 x 17 cm


For me, the process of creation resembles more of a state akin to "play." For a long time, I've felt dissatisfied with the presence of traditional frameworks in the process, steps, methods, and existence of creation. Responding to my curiosity and dissatisfaction with everything, I transition seemingly continuously between different media in my creative states. Though the artistic forms of the works may seem diverse, they are not bound by any media, forming a unique Drawing System of my own.

My "Rolling Project" series typically starts with a flat painting, which is then cut, rolled, arranged, and pasted. What sets apart the piece “Youth” is that after pasting, pointillist painting is done on the three-dimensional surface, thus creating a more spontaneous, immediate sense of doodling. Throughout the process, the brush must constantly stack and shift among those curved lines, bringing the plane into the contours of various dimensions. Viewers, by adjusting their viewing distance, shift between macro and micro views, experiencing the different visual qualities of the artwork's second-plane and three-dimensional aspects, bringing about a complex visual experience.