In Between: Garss.Fenglin, 2019

Colour photograph on dibond
120 x 151.1 cm

Drawing Landscape, titled In Between.Fenglin, mirroring the artist’s comprehension towards “possibility”.  Liu mentioned: “My physical state was in the nature while working but I’ve tried to separate my consciousness out of it. I attempt to transcend the current passage of time so to delineate the inner peace as well as noise. The geometric empty space in the photos as a result becomes nihility in nature. They don’t’ either exist in the past or the future, neither the presence; they seem to be the emptiness in between thoughts during meditation and the possibility of isolation, which does not belong to any individual. Only the feeling of silence is left at the end. “

While Liu was invited for a residency in Chishang, she paid her friend a visit and embarked a conversation in regard to land, nature and inner self by chance in the rift-valley. Through imprinting her on-site drawing to the physical landscape, she finally translates her mindscape to images by means of photography, rendering images from armor blocks to slivergrass into prints.