Drawing Dialogue in Kyoto: Turtle and Mouse

Pencil and colored pencil on the ink and wash painting found in the Kyoto flea market, Fabric from Osaka, Embroidery, Traditional mulberry paper, Washer with thread, Handmade brass screw, Acrylic and Ribbon

Scroll painting: H740 x W28.5 cm
Installation: L332 x W28.5 x H201 cm

Mia’s latest work continues the development of the Dialogue series on ink paintings and drawings. She bought an ink painting at the flea market in Kyoto and cut it into half to mount on a scroll of 740cm in length. Half mounted on the front of the scroll as the beginning and the other half on the back as the end. The fabrics and pencil drawings traveling within makes the boundary of painting and mounting disappear. All merged into one piece.

Besides, we can see two poems by Emily Dickinson on the drawing, handwritten by the artist. Both praise the wonders of nature and its timeless beauty but also point out the concurrent existence of agony and death. Inspired by the correlation to her recent life, Mia decided to invite the poem into the dialogue among old paintings, drawings and fabrics.

- Original found artwork
- Documentation Process_CN

Mounting by Ping-Hsiu Tsai
Photo by Mind Set Art Center