Drawing Dialogue in Kyoto: Eggplant, 2019

Pencil on the ink and wash painting found in the Kyoto flea market, Traditional mulberry paper, Fabric, Manual embroidery, Artificial Ivory and Silk ribbon
160 x 57.5 cm

In this piece, I try a new way of mounting which mounts the drawing out of the scroll. It’s probably the first time ever in the Asian art history and that’s why the mounting profesionist was really distressed.

Through a long-term collaboration with Taipei Conservation Centre, I understand that the fabric used for mounting painting and calligraphy is actually developed with the clothing culture of the time. As I hoped to extend the dialogue from between ink-and-wash and pencil to between the traditions of mounting and the patterns of modern fabric, and that such dialogue could be linked up with the locality, I often strolled around the Dongdaemun Market to search for the fabrics of various patterns during my residency in Seoul.

- Original found artwork