Dialogue in Bonsai, 2021

Sea Grape Tree, Colorful Glass Rod, Embroidery Thread, Sun and Water
Dimensions variable

In the everyday life in Taiwan and Japan, there is culture about bonsai. An interesting bonsai style is not just about the structures and layers of branches and leaves of the plant, but also about the appropriate frames and pots to attain the harmonious, balanced trinity of beauty in style, space, and artistic conception. Such perspective is close to the way of art I have explored for years.

It is such idea that drives me to create a new work made of glass sticks as the drawing elements on top of the plant that seen everywhere. In this work, I seek to create an installation which combines with drawing elements and plant that can be viewed through multiple angles. At the first glance, the artificial part appears to be a bonsai installation that violates the nature’s principle. Yet, I pictured that as time goes by, the plant growing within will grow slowly and eventually integrate and co-exist with the man-made glass-drawing elements, giving birth to a scenery where the artificial and nature converse.

Glass is made by Spring Pool Glass