Beard Has a Face, 2024

Pen, Acrylic paint, French watercolor paper, Story Wear custom denim fabric, Mulberry paper, Crayon, Dibond aluminum panel mounting
82 x 80 x 17 cm

"Beard Has a Face" is derived from my favorite Hong Kong writer, XiXi, which is a nickname for a person. He always questions things we take for granted, such as why drawers must always match with tables?

In my creations, I often pose incorrect questions, and as a result, there is no such thing as a correct answer. In recent years, I have been exploring how contemporary textiles can be combined with traditional ink painting and calligraphy to create new cultural and artistic values. Subsequently, I have integrated textiles with paper sculpture, exploring a seemingly irrational yet intriguing dialogue relationship.

With such a mindset, I narrate a Story Wear about "Beard Has a Face" through abstract imagination.

This work was commissioned by AABT, and framed by BaiGuo Studio.